This Music is described as ... upbeat, feel good rock songs reminiscent of the 70’s with a modern edge. Many of the songs are either stories about travelling the world or have been influenced by experiences on the road.

“Spacebaby” (2014)
Another great album to make that summer drive feel really good. Whether going to the cottage up north or helping with that long commute these FEEL GOOD songs get you there with your toes tapping and a smile on your face. Definitely go “front to back” with this one, as this release has different vibes that transition nicely. It starts alt/rock indie style, somehow washes you up on a beach, and then throws in a little folk/punk/rock. It then slows down for the ballad, goes on to “burn away” in a buzzy album closer, and with the hidden track feel ends your trip “chillin’ down by the sea ‘neath a tree in the shade”.

True stories, fiction and experiences...Yup, there are some true stories here like The Merman and Loser. Also, experiences of being in the 90's Toronto indie music scene with Sleeping Dogs and Mummers, and others of travelling and surfing. Yeah, there's also a bunch of made up stuff. Enjoy.

Influences and/or sound alikes ... would include: The Hip, Death Cab, Foo Fighters, Joel Plaskett, Broken Social, Guided by Voices, Jack Johnson, Brit Rock and All things 70’s. The Keith Sutcliffe Band is: Keith Sutcliffe - Guitar/Vocals; Jay Mills – Drums/Vocals; Trevor Barlow – Bass/Vocals.