For more than 25 years Sutcliffe has been stumbling through the Canadian music scene as a drummer, percussionist and guitarist.  And as of 2011 he has stepped up to the mic. 10 years ago he didn't sing at all, "I thought I had a shit voice, I couldn't stand hearing it back on recordings." With a little direction from his peers he started working on singing. "I really wanted to start writing songs with melodies, harmonies and hooks."

Sutcliffe has always been a drummer first.  Most of his performance career has been spent hiding behind a kit in bands like Coyote Wild, The Queen Street Coyotes and Mummers.  He did however spend 3 years wielding an axe in Sleeping Dogs a rock band he started with Gar Reid now of Eclecticus. 

By the age of 18, Keith was a self-taught guitarist.  With a four track and his medley of instruments, Keith began to compose and record music, engaging other musicians to add different dimensions to his work.  By the age of 22, Keith had compiled dozens of hours of recorded compositions.


The Road Trip
The 2011 release “The Road Trip” is a collection of songs to drop that “cruise down the highway” vibe into your next road trip.  These 12 songs where mostly inspired by traveling, from the jungles and rivers in Asia to trips along the Trans Canada Hwy.

(1999) Keith’s first solo CD fuses together the rhythmic styles of India, Africa and the Middle East with modern ideas and methods.  This contemporary world soundscape includes an array of instruments such as Spanish style guitar, tampoura, bass, piano, keyboards and an assortment of percussion instruments. Timepieces gently rolls from one piece to the next, beginning at the dawn of man and ending with the last moment of time.

Tiny Piano
(2001) This solo piano recording skillfully weaves seductive and emotional harmonies while encouraging a dream-like relaxation that takes the listener on an emotional journey from sadness to restlessness to joy to sorrow.

Besides his own solo releases, Keith has also played on many other recordings including:
“Eclecticus” (2009) by Eclecticus
Third Paella” (2001) by the Toronto Tabla Ensemble
Juno Award nominated “Firedance” (1999) by the Toronto Tabla Ensemble
“Music to Drown By” (1998) by Mummers
“Devoured” (1997) by Stands to Reason
“Kwitcherbellyakin” (1995) by Sleeping Dogs
and many other singles and album appearances.

Other Projects

Although Rock and Roll is number one, Sutcliffe is also an admirer of many different styles of music and uniquely explores rhythms from across a diverse musical landscape.  Proficient in a wide range of styles, he incorporates sound that spans the globe into his compositions including rock, ambient, world, experimental, soundscape and hip-hop. He studied tabla in the north Indian classical style with Toronto-based tabla master Ritesh Das for over 6 years and has completed workshops with the world-renowned maestro Swapan Chuadhuri.  From 1998 to 2000, he performed as a percussionist with the Toronto Tabla Ensemble.